The Vegetable Express: getting food to people in need

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“Vegetables for sale!” Hilary Martin hollered. “Sweet corn, watermelons, leeks, tomatoes, sweet peppers, hot peppers, carrots, rutabagas, herbs!” Last Wednesday, with storm clouds threatening, Martin cruised slowly down a Burlington, Vermont side street in a 1988 GMC delivery truck. The aged vehicle served two decades in New York City with the United States Postal Service before she picked it up at a dealership in the Bronx a couple of years ago and drove it 250 miles north, where it began a second career as a delivery truck for Diggers’ Mirth, a collective farm in Burlington’s Intervale area that she operates with four more:


SNAP foodstamp challenge

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So, yesterday was my first day of the SNAP foodstamp challenge ($4.35 a day) and there was plenty to learn. Much of it was about retail. The notion of a food desert is more clear to me now. Without the right store, this is a very difficult proposition. I have the advantage of living a block from the Devon Market where I can get better prices on certain things. I did have a moment when I remembered weighing produce with my mother as a kid and how I don’t ever do that anymore. read more:

Grow your own veggies– home starter kit

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Does the cost of eating organic vegetables leave you feeling light in your wallet? One Florida inventor may have a solution to put more green in your diet, and in your pocket. read more:

House to vote on child nutrition bill

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Passage of a child nutrition bill now before Congress will ultimately take food from the mouths of children, an official said.

Lawmakers are under pressure to clear a Senate-passed $4.5 billion childhood nutrition bill championed by Arkansas’s Democratic Sen. Blanche Lincoln, but critics said it would cut funding for food stamps, and that would end up hurting children, Washington’s The Hill reported. read more:

Desertification and problematization

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One of the most rapidly growing retail forms today is the farmer’s market, a transitory gathering of local farmers who set up tables under tents and provide access to locally grown fruits and vegetables. There are many different types of farmer’s markets, some limiting what a vendor can sell to only produce grown on the vendor’s own farm, while others allow more leeway and may include prepared foods.

Short documentary about food desert difficulty

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“A Tale of Two Women: Crossing L.A.’s Grocery Divide” features two women–one who lives in a food desert, the other who lives in a neighborhood with full-service supermarkets–as they switch places. The video also highlights LAANE’s effort to pass a citywide policy that will bring supermarkets to underserved communities. watch here:

Detroit local food movement: take note!

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