Point Breeze Farmers’ Market

October 8, 2010 § Leave a comment

When we first arrived at the Point Breeze Farmers’ Market, school children marching with “We love apples!” signs greeted us. These children were making a special appearance for the grand opening of the market. This, of course, was the most welcoming of images. Unfortunately, after a brief survey of the surrounding area, it seems as if fresh apples might be hard to find outside of the farmers’ market. While the area is largely residential, the nearby blocks had a few food establishments such as pizza places and delis, all of which appeared either to be boarded up or lacking in nutritional options. This is precisely why the farmers’ market will offer a unique and necessary supply of fresh produce to the residents.

The farmers’ market in Philadelphia’s Point Breeze neighborhood is located on 22nd and Tasker Street. In the nineteenth century Point Breeze consisted of a mix of Eastern European Jewish, Irish, and Italian immigrants. Many African Americans settled in the area in the 1930’s, coming from the south and looking for work in Philadelphia. From the beginning, Point Breeze was a relatively self-sufficient neighborhood, and its residents rarely saw the need to go to Center City. Between the 1960’s and 1980’s, however, Point Breeze went into decline, accompanied by problems with drug use and racial relations. Encouragingly, in recent years various local groups and initiatives have been working to improve he community. Conveniently, some of these groups are located in close proximity to the farmers market, such as the Mamie Nichols Diversified Community Services Center, the Point Breeze Performing Arts Center, and the Point Breeze Civic Association. As seen on the map below, churches also have a large presence in the area and seem to play a significant role in the community.

The following pictures (of poor phone quality) were taken at the grand opening event on September 28th.

WIC Program Participant



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