Grays Ferry

October 21, 2010 § Leave a comment


On this gray Wednesday afternoon, our group hopped on our bikes and made the journey to Gray’s Ferry. En route to the market, a block away from the site of the market itself, we were surprised to discover a Path Mark – a popular supermarket. Located conveniently next to Path Mark, a big box grocery store, whose logo reads “where the only prices are low prices,” was a McDonalds. After we stopped to take a few pictures and examine the grocery store traffic, we were on our way to the market. We then found ourselves at Peace Park, the site of the Grays Ferry farmer’s market. It is a grassy lot with a gorgeous mural serving as the backdrop with mosaic tiles. Despite the high garbage concentration, the market has lots of potential. However, the market itself must be more approachable to the community. The discarded McDonalds happy meals, crushed beer cans and large fallen branches did give the park street appeal. Unfortunately, we did not get to see the park on the day of the market. But we will update when we see the park in action!



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