Point Breeze 10/19

October 23, 2010 § Leave a comment

On its second to last day before closing, the Point Breeze farmers’ market was experiencing a constant stream of customers despite the slightly groggy weather. The two farmers were in high spirits as they handed out buckets of sweet potatoes, a popular item, broccoli, and bags of kale. Some customers were intrigued by some of the different vegetables they saw at the stand, but others came looking for collard greens, which unfortunately didn’t make an appearance.

We handed out surveys to everyone who came to the market, and for the most part the customers seemed happy to participate, especially after hearing about the $2 Philly Food Buck incentive. In fact, after observing the transactions throughout the afternoon, it seemed as though many came looking to use their Food Bucks before the market closed. Most people were sad that the market was over at the end of the month, either because they are regular customers or because they just heard about the market and wished they had been able to shop there more. Everyone seemed willing to give suggestions for next season, and one man said he wanted more variety because he wanted to try everything. It was encouraging to hear that people were invested in the market, which is an important part of integrating it into the neighborhood and leveraging it as a community building opportunity.

We will go back this Tuesday on its last day open and try to collect 20 more surveys to reach the Food Trust’s goal. We think that this is doable, especially if we’re able to stay a little longer. We also plan to take many more (and better) pictures next week.

We’re also including this article that Marissa found because it’s relevant and features our market!


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