Farewell until May, Point Breeze

October 28, 2010 § Leave a comment

On Tuesday, October 26 we went to Point Breeze with the goal of collecting 20 more surveys. We found this to not be a problem whatsoever. Throughout the two hours we were there there was a constant stream of people happy to take the survey, especially in exchange for Philly Food Bucks. Both through helping people take the surveys and conversation with customers, we found that the majority heard about the market through word of mouth. In fact, we witnessed this  trend first hand with a couple of people who came and then came back with friends and family an hour later. This was encouraging to watch. It was also interesting that many customers were seniors, while at the same time we noticed many younger community members walk by with their children on the way home from school. This is a population that we are hoping to target, and it was important to see this play out to help us shape the directions we are going to take. Jamie, the Food Trust representative on site was very knowledgeable about the neighborhood. She told us about the conflict between older and newer residents and how this is effecting community development. Again, we plan to take this into consideration when developing our plans.

There was something very energizing about the market. The farmers were friendly and initiating conversation with everyone. Jamie (Food Trust Jamie) was assisting behind the stand to help during the rush of people, and all the customers were willing to chat with us. We came to the market feeling tired and stressed and left rejuvenated. We hope that the market can have the same effect on the people of the neighborhood!




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