Broad and Ritner: How-U-Doin?

October 28, 2010 § Leave a comment

The Broad and Ritner group has made fantastic progress over the past few weeks!  With big smiles and open hearts we set off to flyer over 40 local businesses within a 1/2 mile radius of the market.  We were greeted by the community with open arms and much support for the market.  Not only did business owners put up flyers, they even took some home for family and friends.  Business owners and neighbors alike showed interest in going/returning to the market and had valuable feedback.  We came across three schools that distributed flyers to faculty and parents!  The community is very kid friendly and close knit.  Especially supportive was the How-U-Doin Deli and Grocery.  We have been in contact with the Fels Community Center about putting together community programs that would incorporate the food from the market and education about nutrition and food justice.  Also, the Fumo Family Library has been receptive to our idea of putting out a table of books about eating healthy, food justice, and farmers markets.  After establishing these connections and opening this dialogue, we hope The Food Trust will work with both these valuable resources in the future to further enhance the positive impact the market has on the community!  Last week we completed 13 surveys from market goers and compiled the information this week.  This will be valuable information for measuring how the perception of the market and customer base changes over time.

Unfortunately, no one from our group was able to go to the last market day :-(,  We hope (and believe) that it was a successful day!!

In the coming weeks, we plan to establish a more concrete plan with the Free Children’s Library and Community Center and explore other options of community outreach for the future.  One of our plans is sending out a monthly newsletter that will say What’s In Season for the coming month at the farmers market.  The newsletter can also be a venue for sharing other community events and announcements.

Here is the flyer we distributed to the local businesses

Broad and Ritner Flyer

And here is a What’s In Season? newsletter prototype

Whats in Season Newsletter


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