Point Breeze Event Next Wednesday!

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PB Food Event Flyer

Our event has been moved to next Wednesday (December 8th) at the Dixon House, 1920 South 20th St.

Check out our flyer above!

The seasonal menu will be:

  • Whole wheat pasta with a butternut squash sauce
  • Sauteed kale (or mixed leafy greens) with cranberries
  • Baked apples with honey and cinnamon
  • Apple cider



Broad and Ritner is gettin’ jiggy with the South Philadelphia Older Adult Center!

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Broad and Ritner has been busy planning our community event at the South Philadelphia Older Adult Center.  Today, we spoke to our contact at the Center and got some exciting news: if we change our event to after lunch we could have around 90 people attend!!!  It seems that the Older Adult Center is a lunch destination for the elderly.  So, if we change our event to the afternoon, then we could educate and reach out a larger group of people then our original dinner plan.  Instead of serving a full meal, we are going to make healthy snacks from produce, cheese, and meats from the market.  We are very excited about this recent development because we believe that this is a great way to educate even more people about farmers markets, local food economies, and healthy lifestyles.  We still want to show a film and have an interactive game (food bingo, anyone??).  The Older Adult Center has an auditorium that is perfect for our event.  An updated menu will be coming soon…

To check out the South Philadelphia Older Adult Center, visit their website!


Check Us Out…!

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The Grays Ferry Group has made it on to the main Grays Ferry Blog! We will also be featured in the next edition of the Grays Ferry Gazette and St. Gabriel’s Church Bulletin.

Corner store makeover-San Francisco case study

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Although they tend to sell processed food made by the world’s largest companies, most corner stores are small, family-run businesses. And, when it comes to feeding their communities, many of these businesses find themselves in a serious bind. On the one hand, advocates and public health experts see their stores as pivotal to fresh food access, the key to curbing diabetes and obesity in urban areas with few other food resources. On the other hand, the processed food industry spends billions of ad dollars manufacturing a constant stream of demand for products that are anything but fresh or healthy. read more: http://www.good.is/post/a-new-kind-of-cornerstore-makeover

Waste = Energy

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Except when visualizing alligators in the sewers and lost fishbowl pets, New Yorkers rarely think about what happens to the stuff that drains from sinks and toilet bowls. But 1.3 billion gallons of wastewater go down the tubes every day, where it begins a long and expensive process before it is buried and forgotten. read more:http://cityroom.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/11/05/turn-piles-of-waste-into-piles-of-cash-city-asks/?partner=rss&emc=rss

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