Point Breeze Post-Event Reflections

December 9, 2010 § Leave a comment

Last night we had our local food event at the Dixon House. The event went well, considering that there were some setbacks. Setback number one was that the heat wasn’t working in the room where we had originally planned to host the event. This meant that we couldn’t do the cooking demonstration as originally planned because the kitchen was in a different room. The second hurdle was that the cab drove away with all of our apples… all 30 of them. The third was that the projector didn’t work. However, we worked around these issues as they came up, and the Dixon House was more than helpful.
Previous to the event, 15 people had RSVP’d, mainly through sign-ups at the location itself. This was about the number that came to the event, and most were children. Besides the fact that our dessert was busy riding around in a cab, the food preparation went very smoothly and was received well. In fact, when we were cleaning up from the even, the people working at the Dixon House were very enthusiastic about the new recipes they had learned and wanted to share them with friends and take home extra food.
One of the most encouraging things from the event is that people were interested in the Point Breeze Farmers’ Market. They wanted to know when it opened again, where they could go in the mean time, and what produce it sells. Additionally, the Dixon House turned out to be a great resource, and we are excited about having it as a contact. This is definitely one of the main takeaways of the event, because in promotion and execution, we established communication with community members and organizations that were enthusiastic about the cause and helping in the future. As an example, we distributed a flyer to a newly opened bakery in the area. The owners were so happy that the market was going to be returning and mentioned that they would buy their produce their in the future and hang a flyer in their store. I think that as a similar and new establishment in the area, they were happy to engage in the community investment in such places.


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